Mobs, pimps, crooks, criminals, thugs and individuals of shady characters are now operating illicit internet background checks. This crooks steal, and sell the most private information of the citizens to any body that pays them money. This are protected information covered under the privacy laws of the Country which these crooks obtain by hook or crook and for which they have neither proprietary nor partent right to, but which they sell for profit. These individuals or entities sometimes fabricate false negative information about their victim to make the information package attractive to their clients at the expense of the victim, who is actually the real owner of the information. These individuals project all kinds of negative information that can be very damaging to their unsuspecting victim and sell same to a third party for a price. If there are no negative information, they will fabricate one or incentivise government workers to fabricate one. These individuals are parasites to the society and need to be eradicated. They hide their own private information which they have all the right to and publicize and sell other peoples's information which they have no right to. In other woids, privacy laws aplies to them and not to their victims. If you have a comment, post it on the current affairs section of the blog

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