Modern Day Lynching

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Major TV Sports broadcasters deliberatley avoid spotlighting black cheerleaders

One would have thought that in a country with a high sensitivity to racism and racist conotations and in a country where racism has been outlawed, that a major organization like ESPN or SNF and other game broadcasters would try and avoid anything that have any semblance to racism or discrimination.....


Mobs, pimps, crooks, criminals, thugs and individuals of shady characters are now operating illicit internet background checks. This crooks steal, and sell the most private information of the citizens to any body that pays them money. This are protected information covered under the privacy laws of the Country which these crooks obtain by hook or crook and for which they have neither proprietary nor partent right to, but which they sell for profit. These individuals....

Bill Cosby Facing Saga

Bill Cosby image
The legendary actor and comedian Bill Cosby is getting ready to face accusers in a trial. The accusers, several of them,had accused the legend of sexual misconduct but did not see any reasons to go public with their accusations untill several years after the alleged incident.

Considering the fact that the human memory becomes uncertain after a few days, and according to study, experiences and environment distort peoples' memory of the account of events over time resulting in false remembrance, and for people that waited years to bring an accusation, the whole story and account of event is questionable especially considering that the life, image and reputation of the accused, in this instance, Mr. Cosby is on the line. Accusations of this kind should not be taken on face value, and should be examined thoroughly with emphasis on the motivational factor.

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Take a ride on this Non Fiction thriller and see what power in the hand of racially bigoted individuals is capable of. See the underground operation of racists and how it pose a danger to all well meaning individuals.

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