Discrimination against Black Cheear leaders

One would have thought that in a country with a high sensitivity to racism and racist conotations, and in a country where racism has been outlawed, that a major organization like ESPN, SNF,MNF, FSN and the likes would try to avoid anything that have any semblance to racism or discrimination, controvercial racially discrimiatory issues, and any appearance of impropriety as it relates to race.

Isn't that the case? you would ask. Just look back at the previous broadcast of games by these organizations expecially ESPN, and Monday Night Football (MNF) from November 2016 when this push was initiated and backwards. You cannot help but notice that any time that the cheerleaders in any of these games involve black women, the camera control people will go to great lengths to avoid spotlighting. On many ocassions, you may not even see them at all contrary to what will apply if the same happen to be white women.

So, if at any telecast of the events, you did not see any spotlight on the cheerleaders, that is probably because they include black women.

I can't even believe that this is an issue of discuss in the 2017 in the United States of America. However, I am not surprised. Racism thrives in secrecy and in the eronous public belief that it does not exist and in those arears where homogenity or lack of diversity is the order, and people feel they can get away with such practice without being noticed or called out. This belief systems gives the perpetrators cover and makes it difficult for any victim to obtain the attention of the public.

This people controling these telecasts and their bosses need to be held accountable to the law of the land, and above all, those who like to perpetrate racism need to be made to experience a little bit of it. I am sure they will learn a lot and we will will all be better for it.

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