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Racism is a deep seated problem in the American society, and suprisingly not many people are doing anything about it. This may be due to the fact that the majority of victims are usually Black and the perpetrators are usually white, and because white people rarely experience racism and so are reluctant to recorgnise its stings.

This site is intended to expose the evils of racism embodied in the likes of Thomas Richardson Jr. 55 in 2006, Regina Reynolds 31 in 2008, her children; Roy Coursey 9 in 2008, Erica Coursey 10 in 2008, Shyanne Floyd 12 in 2008, and the racist gangs behind them, arouse a serious discuss in the issue of undercurrent racism, expressed and unexpressed, and put a final stop to it. Therefor, everyone is encouraged to come forward with any experience of racial prejudice or injustice, wirte about the experience, provide video if available, books, police reports, any report or evidence at all; post it in the commment section or on the blogs, we will review and publish it in the testimonial or other relevant section for the world to see and know the individual/s involved. Visit the website every day to get updates on controvercial racial issues, interesting topics and recommended books, music and videos, contemporary news and issues of interest in general, post comments or contributions on the blog section.

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